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Introduction Living in Pacific Beach, San Diego, a group of us legal medical marijuana patients got together one day to find ways to sustain our medical needs, without relying on public collectives. We realized that the only secure way to acquire our medication is by growing and supplying ourselves. After many hours of searching, below is our list of trusted places that we have dealt with for our marijuana clones and seeds. Our hopes are to share this list with other patients to enjoy their financial and medication independence instead of relying on others.

TOP 10 Places for Marijuana Clones in San Diego

Keep in mind this list could change monthly depending our experience, our friends' experience, other patients' submitted experience, or depending on what's happening locally in San Diego. Recent reduction in dispensaries could have affected few of these places

#1 TOP PICK: StrainBank

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Unlike other places, this place was found completely at random by google search results which made us look into it. A pleasant surprise turned all of us into frequent customers with these guys.

We could praise all the good things about them, but we'd rather not so you can check them out for yourself here

#2 eClones

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This place is a crowd favorite amongst coastal area patients in PB, OB, and UTC. They've been around long enough to know most of the bigger dispensaries, but are independent now due to the recent regulations.

Haven't had a bad transaction yet so these guys earn a close 2nd to StrainBank

#3 AAA Clones

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Very professional Coop Service that stays extremely busy, but they stay on top of things with customer satisfaction as their site says.

They were helpful on the phone and also via email, more than likely they'll see return business from us.

#4 Cloud 9 Coop

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Up until just recently, this place was one of the top collectives accessible in Ocean Beach. However they're no longer at the storefront, which means no more grow classes.

Always been a reputable, friendly dispensary for years. Although they're not a full time clone vendor, Cloud 9 is there to help you out when they can.



We naturally gave these guys a try since they popped up on google, and although the transaction went ok, we thought it could've been a lot smoother.

Two of us had contact issues with them, which isn't a great first impression. However few other patients were satisfied, although we think there are better choices out there.

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ImageThis guy is probably the main reason why this website is always in progress, he slacks off but usually gets all the work done at the last minute. KJ is the founder for SD Clones and maintains this web presence for San Diego patients

ImageAnother procrastinator but with a background in science and engineering field, 'P boy' takes care of all the lab testing and the numbers behind each clones we come across. Yeah we need him.

ImageHard to find but always shows up when not invited, Timmy does all the run around for us so we can try out different products to review. Good work Timmy. Now get out there.